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Looking for a seafood restaurant in Edison NJ but cannot find the best? Ming restaurant offers a comfortable ambiance in the restaurant where you can fully immerse yourself in the delights of your favorite seafood dishes. Your hunger for the best seafood flavors ends here as Ming restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants NJ and your gateway to immerse in the quality and fresh seafood like no other.

At our Seafood Restaurant NJ, choose from fried, baked or grilled options and enjoy a delightful dining experience as we offer quality dishes made with only fresh ingredients. By relying on high-quality ingredients, the team of well-experienced chefs at Ming restaurant never compromises on bringing authentic flavors to your table with original recipes. If you want to enjoy your favorite dishes without leaving the comfort of your home, be assured of not waiting for too long to immerse in the unique flavors and have a memorable dining experience.

Among the best seafood restaurants in Edison NJ, we are always committed to making you experience the true essence of seafood that you will never forget for many years to come. The mastery and experience of the chefs at Ming Restaurant will take your seafood dining experience to a whole new level. Our commitment to serving the best seafood with modern twists without compromising on authenticity and warm ambiance comes together and sets a perfect stage to experience a memorable coastal journey like no other.

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Featured Dish
Chili Paneer stands as a tribute to Ming’s mastery in culinary, thereby, becoming one of our best dishes. Its irresistible taste is enjoyed by the visitors and it is surely one of the favorites that keep them coming back.


Our talented culinary team is excited to highlight the Maguro, a classic Japanese dish. Creatively plated with vibrant ingredients, it features Bluefiná tuna, garlic shoyu, turnip, and puffed buckwheat.


These sakes, “Morning Flower, Evening Moon” and “The Sound of Snow” are undiluted, there is no charcoal filtration and they do not use chemicals to clean the brewery as to project the microorganisms. Treat yourself to the ultimate expression of premium grade sake.
Arya Phatak
Arya Phatak
It was our first time here. There was a brief wait before we were seated. We got chicken drums of heaven along with virgin mojito and blue lagoon mocktails to start with. This was followed by chilli chicken and combination rice and noodles. The portion sizes were ample for 2 and the flavors were delectable. The chili chicken sauce was however not the authentic Indian style, it had an Asian touch to it. The place was crowded on a weekend so we had to wait for a while before we caught the attention of the servers .
Mayur Patel
Mayur Patel
Very good food, we got to sit outdoors listening to a live musician. (Was a sunday). However beware it is pricey.
Lini Singh
Lini Singh
staff is attentive and very friendly! The most delicious sweets! Its always so fresh and delicious. There are many varieties of cham cham which is my fave! It is a little pricey.