Dinner Menu

Asian Street Grills


Yakitori Grill Skewers 21.95

Chicken marinated in Japanese sauces and grilled to perfection along with bell peppers.

Spicy Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers 23.95

Thai influence shrimp skewers marinated and grilled with lemongrass and zesty flavors.

Cottage Cheese Veggie Skewers 21.95

Thai influence shrimp skewers marinated and grilled with lemongrass and zesty flavors.



Fiery Cottage Cheese Bao 13.95

Crispy cottage cheese with fresh kimchi and spicy mayo.

Manchurian Bao 13.95

All-time favorite Manchurian balls served in a bao.

Korean Chicken Bao 13.95

Crispy chicken bao with kimchi and sesame flavor.

Nagasaki Shrimp Bao 17.95

Tempura shrimps tossed in a hot fiery sauce from Nagasaki region of Japan in a bao.

Bar Bites


Crispy Corn 12.95

Bell peppers, onion and crispy corn, tossed with salt pepper and spring onions, paired best with beer.

Steamed Edamame, Chili Togarashi Dust 12.95

A healthy bite for a health conscious diet, edamame beans tossedwith salt, pepper & spices.

Small Plates


Crispy Lotus Stem, With Honey And Dried Red Chili 14.95

Sautéed lotus stem, finished in a red chili & honey sauce with spring onion.

Cauliflower Manchurian 14.95

Batter fried cauliflower florets tossed with a spicy sauce

Ming Spring Roll (Veg Or Chicken) 12.95 / 14.95

Home rolled spring roll, served with sweet chili sauce.

Veg Dumpling (Pan Fried Or Steamed) 12.95

Served with a spicy chili sauce.

Chili Shrimp 17.95

Shrimps tossed in a spicy blend of chili sauce and herbs

Schezwan Chicken Dumpling 14.95

Indochinese style chicken dim sum tossed in schezwan sauce

Crispy Chicken With Honey And Dried Chili 14.95

Crispy fried chicken finished in a red chili and honey sauce with spring onion

Shrimp Tempura, Wasabi Mayo, Sambal Oelek 17.95

Japanese style crispy shrimp served with wasabi, sriracha drizzle & sambal sauce.

Fried Fish Fillet In Oyster Sauce 17.95

Crispy fish fillets sautéed with chili and oyster sauce

Crispy Calamari 17.95

Calamari finished crispy to perfection with ginger garlic & spring onion sauce

Drums Of Heaven 17.95

Tender chicken wings cooked with fresh herbs onion & chili



Spicy Lemon Coriander Soup (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 7.95 / 8.95

A delicacy from Malaysia-vegetable with golden mushroom, fresh coriander & lemon.

Asian Coconut Chili Soup (Veg Or Chicken) 7.95 / 8.95

A rich coconut based thai soup with authentic herbs.

Man Chou Soup (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 7.95 / 8.95

Thick broth spicy soup

Tom Yum Soup 7.95 / 8.95

Popular sour and spicy Thai soup

Wonton Soup (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 7.95 / 8.95

Mildly flavored clear broth soup.

Sweet Corn Soup (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 7.95 / 8.95

Mild corn & vegetable broth soup, finished with scallions. carrots & cabbage

Hot And Sour 7.95 / 8.95

Hot soup, with vegetables, black mushroom, bean sprouts & tofu



Papaya Salad 14.95

Fresh raw papaya, chopped chili, basil and roasted peanuts.

Thai Crunch Salad 14.95

Refreshing combo of carrots, cucumber, raw papaya and vegetables tossed in a Thai dressing.

Thai Lettuce Wrap (Veg Or Chicken) 14.95 / 15.95

Make your own platter-garden fresh lettuce cups, choice of chicken or grated vegetables, ginger peanut and plum sauce



Mapo Tofu 19.95

Aubes of silken bean curd with diced vegetables in a spicy sauce.

Kung Pao Potato With Cashew Nut 19.95

An excellent recipe of diced potato, cashew nut and dried red chili.

Stir Fried Exotic Vegetables In Garlic Sauce 21.95

Combination of snow peas, broccoli, baby corn, bok choy & asparagus in a white garlic sauce

Vegetable Manchurian 21.95

Crispy fried vegetable roundels finished in a spicy Manchurian sauce.

Chili Paneer 22.95

Diced pieces of cottage cheese, onion, peppers. Stir cooked in a spicy soy sauce.

Vegetable Massaman Curry 21.95

An excellent recipe of diced potato, cashew nut and vegetables.

Vegetable In Thai Green Curry 21.95

Diced vegetable with potato & cashew, in a spicy green Thai curry

Okra In Schezwan Sauce 21.95

Stir fried okra in a spicy Szechwan sauce.

Eggplant, With Tofu In Thai Curry 19.95

A wonderful combo of eggplant with tofu and potato in a rich flavored sauce

Eggplant & Beancurd In Schezwan Or Chili Sauce 19.95

Finished in your choice of Szechuan or chili sauce

Crispy Fried Mushroom In Schezwan Or Manchurian Sauce 21.95

Fresh mushrooms in your choice of a spicy garlic sauce or Szechwan or Manchurian sauce



General Tsao Chicken 21.95

Diced chicken cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce, infused with xiao xing wine & green scallions.

Chili Chicken Hakka Style 21.95

Diced chicken with onion in a spicy sauce, Hakka style.

Chicken In Black Bean Sauce 21.95

Chicken cooked in an authentic blend of onion

Ginger Chicken 21.95

Boneless chicken, stir fried and finished in hot ginger & light soy sauce.

Chicken Basil (Dry) 21.95

Diced chicken, finished with green chili & basil flavor

Cumin Chicken 21.95

Chicken tossed with herbs & spice in a mild cumin sauce.

Chicken In Black Pepper Sauce 21.95

Ming Specialty. Chicken with a blend of black pepper soya sauce

Chicken Manchurian 21.95

Diced Chicken finished in a spicy Manchurian sauce

Chicken In Green Thai Curry 21.95

Rich, fragrant and creamy, Thai green Curry with chicken and vegetables.

Sliced Chicken Massaman Curry 21.95

Special Thai chicken, finished in a silky coconut curry

Diced Chicken With Cashewnuts, Hong Kong Style 21.95

Boneless chicken finished in a mild sauce, with whole cashewnuts

Crispy Duck In BBQ Sauce 29.95

Boneless duck, seasoned with Chinese spices, finished with a BBQ flavored sauce.

Chili Duck 29.95

Chef’s special! roasted and sliced duck with chili, cooked Hakka style.



Shredded Lamb With Ginger And Spring Onion 25.95

Shredded lamb delicately cooked with ginger and spring onions.

Shredded Lamb In Szechwan Sauce 25.95

Stir fried lamb in a spicy Szechwan sauce.

Ming Cumin Lamb 25.95

Stir fried lamb cooked in a sauce infused with chilies & cumin flavor.

Chili Lamb 25.95

Sliced lamb cooked in a delicious spicy sauce.

Sliced Lamb Massaman 25.95

Sliced lamb in a mildly spiced sauce with coconut milk – a delicacy from Thailand.

Oriental Lamb 25.95

Shredded lamb, stir fried with fiery pepper, onion, ginger, spring onion in an aromatic sauce.

Sliced Lamb With Green Curry 25.95

Sliced lamb cooked in Thai green curry sauce.



Shrimp & Exotic Vegetables In Hot Garlic Sauce 26.95

Tailless shrimp in garlic sauce tempered with red chili

Shrimp Massaman Curry 26.95

A fusion of Thai spices & Indian masala, simmered with coconut milk – a Malaysian influence

Shrimps In Bangkok Green Curry 26.95

Shrimp cooked to perfection in a traditional Thai green curry

Shrimp In Black Pepper Sauce 26.95

Tailless shrimp cooked in a spicy black pepper sauce.

Shrimp In White Garlic Sauce 26.95

Shrimp finished in a mild garlic sauce

Chili Shrimp 26.95

Choicest shrimp cooked in a spicy chili sauce.

Fish In Chili Sauce 24.95

Fillet of fish cooked to perfection in a spicy chili sauce.

Fish In Black Pepper Sauce 24.95

Bonesless fish in a medium spiced black pepper sauce.

Mandarin Fish 24.95

Boneless fish fillet, fried & finished in a spicy mandarin sauce

Steamed Fish In Ponzu Sauce 24.95

Marinated and steamed fish with citrus sauce and green scallion

Fish In Schezwan Sauce 24.95

Fish tossed in schezwan sauce.

Lobster In Black Pepper Sauce 39.95

A classic recipe from the Ming dynasty. Lobster Meat cooked in a medium spiced black pepper sauce.

Lobster In Schezwan (Or White Garlic) Sauce 39.95

Lobster finished in your choice of schezwan Or white garlic sauce.


Tom Yum Fried Rice (Veg, Chicken Or Shrimp) 14.95 / 15.95

Jasmine rice tossed in vegetables/chicken/shrimp, flavored with lime leaf, lemon grass and chili

Burnt Chili Garlic Fried Rice 14.95

Fried rice tossed with roasted garlic and dry red chili with schezwan sauce

Ming Chopper Fried Rice (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 14.95 / 15.95

Traditional fried rice with your choice of vegetable or chicken & egg

Thai Fried Rice (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 14.95 / 15.95

A spicy fried rice flavored with basil and a host of Thai spices.

Schezwan Fried Rice (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 14.95 / 15.95

A spicy fried rice flavored with host of Chinese spices.

Steamed Jasmine Rice Or Brown Rice (Small/large) 3.95 / 6.95

Fragrant steamed rice.



Basil Flavored Noodles (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 15.95 / 16.95

Pan fried noodles with vegetables, basil leaves and oyster sauce drizzle.

Hakka Noodles (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 15.95 / 16.95

Traditional Chinese noodles, Hakka style – cooked to your choice.

Burnt Chili Garlic Noodles (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 15.95 / 16.95

Wok tossed noodle with roasted garlic and dry red chili and schezwan sauce.

Pad Thai (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 17.95 / 18.95

Stir fried noodles finished with tamarind and red chili, garnished with crushed peanuts.

Singapore Noodles (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 15.95 / 16.95

Fine rice noodles fried with a turmeric flavor.

Schezwan Noodles (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) 15.95 / 16.95

Stir fried noodles flavored with host of select Chinese spices.

American Chopsuey (Veg Or Chicken & Egg) $16.95 / $17.95

Crispy noodles with vegetables or chicken and egg, cooked in tomato base sauce



Date Pancake With Ice Cream 9.95

Crispy golden fried pancakes filled with mashed dates served with vanilla ice cream.

Lychee With Ice Cream 8.95

Lychee fruit served with your choice of ice cream.

Ice Cream Sundae 9.95

Special select flavors served in a boat with fruits, nuts and topped with chocolate or melba sauce.

Choice Of Ice Cream 8.95

A choice of delicious handpicked flavors. Ask your server for special recommendation.

Rasmalai Tres Leche 9.95

A creative combination of Rasamalai sweet & tres leche cake with a cardamom flavor

Lava Cake 9.95

Rich chocolate cake with a warm molten chocolate center served on a sizzler

Cassata Ice Cream 9.95

Layered flavors of ice cream with nuts and dry fruits